Shoes That Prevent Fall Injuries

August 8, 2014 in Our News & Bulletins by Guardian Angels Home Health

The shoes that prevent fall injuries are not what you might think. For people over the age 65, tripping and falling represents a little bit of a health risk that younger people often don’t fully appreciate. As we get a little stiffer, we don’t raise our feet as high as we used to when we walk. People often think that running shoes, with their good grip and added stability are the way to go. The problem is that those shoes often have thicker soles. When your foot clearance is low, thick sole shoes should be avoided. Shoes with thin, rubber soles are the way to go.

Leather sole shoes are problematic because the leather has less grip. If you have some great leather shoes that you really don’t want to give up, no problem. Just get some of the rubber adhesive grip bottoms that you can buy at the pharmacy or grocery store and apply them to the soles of your leather shoes. Remember to put on new ones as needed.

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